Who is SeaWolf ?


Lets Rewind

My life started off in the US Army. I was an infantryman deployed in Afghanistan. Despite the heavy weight we packed on our backs and hiked for days, miles, up and down treacherous mountains; I really enjoyed being on top of the world. Watching the light move across the sky and turning the landscape into different eye pieces through out the day.

It sparked an interest in photography. I shot with my Olympus Tough the different places. I wanted to capture something cool while I was there, however my rifle was more important to me.

After I left the Army I worked out in Vernal, Utah as a flowback operator in the oilfield. I spent several nights watching sunsets turning different colors. I finally pushed over bought my first camera kit. A Rebel SL with a couple of different lenses.

I took pictures of everything I could, but nothing was turning out the way I wanted them to. I watched videos and read instructions on the different settings of the camera.

One night after work I stopped by a hill to hike up in the snow that overlooked Vernal. I spent 2 hours freezing my ass off trying to figure out how to get a good night shot. I ended up making ten bucks that night from some random person that thought it was the coolest thing. I realized I could make money doing this.


I left the oil field to pursue my passion of chasing light. I enrolled and got into the Art Institute of Salt Lake City for a degree in Film Making. After about a year and a half of loving it I re-enlisted in the US Army as a Combat Documentation Production Specialist, 25V (Combat Camera).

While at the Defense Information School in Fort Meade Maryland I took an Honors in Still Photography, and top 5 (I was fourth) in the Digital Film Making Courses.

19th ComCam Life

The 19th Special Forces Group has challenged me in my photo skills left and right. It continues to do so. Every event is something new. I photographed hundreds of troops jumping from Aircraft's, over water and land. I documented several live fire events, and all sorts of different training, as well has all different types of ceremonies. My skills in event photography is on point. To capture as much action as I can I roll with two cameras. One will have a wide angle lens on it and the other will have a telephoto.

Biggest accomplishment

My biggest ever accomplishment was getting married to my best friend. Believe it or not, we met on tinder (don't you judge, it worked out). She has supported me every step of the way, in everything I do. She critiques my work and pushes me to do better. I would not have made it this far without her. Between my freelance photography and military career, I am a busy man. My life is just nonstop, and she never complains.